Hey You

Once upon a time I thought copywriters were useless. That was a bit of an existential conundrum, because at that time I was a copywriter. But then one day, in a coworking space in Paris, I worked out what makes a good copywriter so valuable.

Everyone has a story. And it’s true that anyone can churn it out. But it takes a writer to translate a message, not from one language to another but from the context of one mind to the rest.

We can do this for businesses, for movements, or for remarkable individuals. Hell, we could even edit every single one of your emails and make you 10x more successful at getting what you want.

That’s not why I’m doing this.

The process of writing is simply the way my mind works. It’s my natural creative output. I came to understand that whilst interviewing an artist about how she knew she was destined to be a printmaker.

When I’m not freelancing for clients focused on coworking, wellbeing and mental health, I’m telling the tales of people I meet. There’s one, in particular, that holds my attention. And that’s the story of a friend who, through his life, inspired my journey into writing. I’d love to tell you about him, but even if I don’t get to, you’ll be able to follow the tale in my book some day…

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